Run your web apps on Google's infrastructure
Easy to build, easy to maintain, easy to scale
Google App Engine enables you to build and host web apps on the same systems that power Google applications. App Engine offers fast development and deployment; simple administration, with no need to worry about hardware, patches or backups; and effortless scalability.

Discover why developers are choosing App Engine.
Focus on your app, leave the rest to Google!
All the power of Google in one, simple platform.
  • Zero to sixty: App Engine enables your application to scale automatically without worrying about managing machines.
  • Supercharged APIs: The App Engine platform provides amazing services such as Task Queue, XMPP, and Prospective search, all powered by the same infrastructure that powers Google's applications.
  • You're in control: The simple, web-based dashboard makes it easy to manage your application without having to babysit it.